About Orsa Proje

  CAD In parallel to the developments in CAD CAM software and manufacture technologies, use of Advanced Engineering applications such as 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Dimensional Quality Control increases with each passing day and firms applying such processes within their own structures or using the same through extraneous service firms gain advantages compared to their competitors.

  Founded in the year 2009 to carry out studies in subjects of 3D measuring (scanning), reverse engineering, 3D dimensional control and model production, ORSA Proje ve Danışmanlık is managed by an experienced team having taken charge in various projects carried out in all relevant subsidiary industries and other sectors supporting the staple industry firms, mainly aeronautics and automotive sector.

  With its experience of 20 years, Orsa Proje ve Danışmanlık prefers and uses GOM/ATOS measurement systems with over 4500 installations throughout the world.

Our Objective ;

  Our objective is to offer solution to the needs of our valuable customers in subjects of 3D Scanning, Modeling, Quality Control, Model and Prototype manufacturing in the swiftest way, in the most correct way and with the lowest cost possible.