Advanced Engineering Applications in Model Production

  In parallel to the developments in CAD/CAM sector, use of advanced engineering applications such as 3D Optical Scanning, 3D Modeling, 3D Control and Analysis in all manufacturing processes increases with each passing day.

It is easily observable that firms making available these processes within their structure or providing the same through extraneous service firms gain advantages compared to their competitors in the short run.


  Although development of means of communication, either small or big, allows for almost all firms to be able to use these applications either in our region or in another part of the world together with the increase in the number of firms providing service, software, system or hardware, it is also required to accept that a process requiring patient and concentration to be experienced in order for permanent and long terms gains to be able to be obtained.

Using the scanned data in 3D Model Development

• Using the point cloud data obtained as a result of 3D measurement, parametric CAD model is formed.

• 3D drawings of mounted parts should be made taking into consideration the mounting criteria and operation tolerances.

• The faults in the part resulted from manufacturing during modeling (distortions, balance, offset, unbalanced distribution in wing forms, etc.) are determined and rectified.

The increase in rate of flow in life necessitates the production of more difficult, aesthetic, efficient and low-cost products in design and manufacturing processes. ;

• The complexity of casting process;
• Error method due to reasons such as hardships of shaping metal and wooden material with hand,
• Non-extensity of pantograph and copy, milling cutter and similar systems,
• Technical drawing errors or reading hardships,
• Each foundry operating system being differentu,
• Limitation in 3D measurement opportunities when one goes out of projects mostly learned or repeated, requiring expertise, handcraft and craftsmanship.

Although it is obligatory to deploy the advanced engineering processes within the structures of casting and model manufacturing firms due to reasons specified above, it is difficult to ensure the same as well.

Due to the projects realized and the fact that the casting industry has great potential especially in our country, we may envisage that all foundries and model manufacturers will use the advanced engineering applications more efficiently in the future as well.

Example Projects

In the light of the data obtained, in addition to those given above,

• Casting simulation and analysis may be carried out.
• Control reports may be formed by comparing the scanning data of models and parts manufactured with CAD data.
As a result of the studies realized jointly by Orsa Proje and Ünal Model firms, over 350 model manufacturing projects have been finalized using conventional manufacturing methods and advanced engineering applications together within a period of 2.5 years.