Quality Control

   Dimensional quality control has become an important process for firms operating in all manufacturing sectors due to reasons such as rapid development of manufacturing techniques, the increase in the speed of manufacturing new products.

Due to the reasons such as;
  • The necessity that manufacturing firms are concentrated on design and manufacturing processes,

  • The fact that investing in quality control systems is difficult,

  • Hardships in employment of personnel and finding trained personnel,

    there is a solution seeking as performance by extraneous service firms of the dimensional quality control need.


3 Dimensional Optical Scanning Systems are used intensively in our day in subject of serial part measurements and preparation of quality control report as an alternative to CMM devices thanks to their features such as:;
  • Capability of obtaining details
  • High precision and
  • Repeatability
   Our firm is able to carry out 3 dimensional measurements of components such as plastic, metal, casting, etc. parts, moulds, fixtures and apparatus in our own office or in workshops of our customers by means of ATOS measurement system which is portable and may be calibrated onsite.

For benefitting from our services of project/part based quality control report preparation or continued consultancy, please contact us..