Reverse Engineering

   Reverse engineering is an engineering process ensuring provision of 3D vectorial CAD models of parts or components with complicated form and complex geometries which are unable to be measured with conventional methods, the measurement of which takes long or is not reliable by means of relevant CAD software over the point cloud data obtained with 3D Measurement systems.

   Reverse engineering is used for the following purposes;
  • Request to produce products not having CAD data,
  • Request to manufacture moulds or models finalized by hand by formation of CAD data thereof especially in applications of Sheet Iron Moulding and Casting Modeling,
  • Request to form CAD data necessary for manufacturing in case of insufficiency of technical documents such as technical drawing, CAD data, etc. given for the product,
  • Comparison of competitor products in digital ambient and setting forth the differences,
  • Integration of parts manufactured with conventional manufacturing methods into modern production methods and product development,
  • Repair and restoration only of relevant parts of moulds worn or damaged,
  • Obtaining healthy engineering data in Facility Superstructure Design and Manufacture projects,
  • Transfer of visual prototypes produced from mud or clay model into CAD ambient.

    The objective of Orsa Proje Danışmanlık is to offer solution to your needs in subject of Reverse Engineering in the swiftest way, in the most correct way and with the lowest cost possible.